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29 March 2009

Free Unlock BB5 & BB5+ Phone

Good news again.. now you can free unlock BB5 and BB5+ phone for free, just used your HWK or JAF box to unlock it. It also can fix corrupted SL zone.

I have test this software and it work nice..

Follow link below to download


28 March 2009

C905 Speaker Problem

Here some solution to fix Sony Ericsson C905 Speaker Problem

Just Follow step in 1 picture if still cannot follow steps in 2nd picture.

Picture 1

Picture 2

23 March 2009

Celcom Prepaid Guide Infomation

This is the common setting for Celcom Prepaid Users. Hope you guys can utilize it for our own benefits =)

Balance enquiry

Topup Credit
*122*<16 top-up pins>#

GPRS Setting
Alternatively, Call 1111

Disable Voicemail
1. Call 1111
2. Choose to talk to operator (Option:0)
3. Give your personal details when you are asked to (for authentication purpose).

Airtime share
1. To register:
CAT6 Character PasswordMother’s Name
Send to 1019

2. To transfer credit:
Send to 1 followed by Recipient’s Mobile Number.
eg. RM5 ABC123 and send to 10191234567

Setting 8PAX
1. To activate:
send to 28882

2. To add number into your 8pax list:
send to 28882

3. To delete number from your 8pax list:
Send to 28882

4. To view all your fav number listed in 8pax:
Send to 28882

17 March 2009

OGM JAF FULL CRACK PKEY Emulator v5 - NO PKEY NEEDED - JAF Vodafone added

Specially for user without JAF box and only have HWK. JAF Crack Emulator v5

..:: OGM JAF CRACK FULL PKEY Emulator v5 - NO PKEY NEEDED - JAF Vodafone added ::..

Free OGM PKEY Emulator v5 features:

- NO PKEY required - as usual !!!
- Work with JAF addon BB5 NO TP Unlocker by Cinek 1.04
- Work with all JAF original setups (1.98.62 too).
- Work with JAF addon JAF VODAFONE/QUALCOM Addon V1.02
- Can access JAF support area (all servers, Raskal servers, Thomas servers)!
- Change emulated PKEY SN to many random values.
- Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY Serial Number
- Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY kind (Raskal PKEY, Thomas PKEY)
- Full lifetime counter for emulated PKEY at each software start
- For PKEY emulation used applets from original JAF 1.98.62


Download Link : JAF Crack By OGM v5

For Old Version JAF Crack clik read more

Download Link:JAF CRACK By OGM v3
Download link:JAF Crack By OGM v4

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