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21 July 2008

How To Unlock a Sony Ericsson Phone by Cruiser !!!

# Remove and ReAttach Battery from phone
# Start Cruiser
# Click On USB

#Click on "Attach Phone"

# Click on "Security RSA"
# Then "Unlock RSA"

#Look on what Cruiser asks to do...

#Then go on FLASH - Flash ARM - and Select SW File

#Now Click on Write RAW FS and select fs file

#Now go on "Locks" - Direct Unlock

#Now return on "Flash" - Customize FS

#Now click on Turn Off Phone

* Unlock Done - Great Work BOSS :D !

author: dengel

14 July 2008

Chat Box Widget

I just added chat box widget in this blog you can used it for asking question I will try to answer all question as soon as possible (if I got time) J




12 July 2008

Nokia N78 "over-the-air" software version 11.043 released

Nokia just release it first software upgrade by "over-the-air"
technique for nokia N78. This "over-the-air" software release will not
be available through the Nokia Software Updater application, but is
available directly through your Nokia N78. The release includes improved
stability with Bluetooth (headsets and car kits) and music (playback
over a long time and content refresh). This release also includes
optimized Camera performance and Naviscroll sensitivity improvements.

Technology innovations mean the size of this "over-the-air" update is
approximately 2 MB. To get this software through your Nokia N78, click
Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for
updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use
Wi-Fi to download the update.

Nokia provides this software free of charge. However, costs for
downloading may be charged by your network operator or service provider.
Please contact them for information about pricing.

As with all software releases, note that your mobile service provider,
operator, or carrier may not have approved this release. Nokia produces
many different variants of each product (for different countries and
languages) and not all variants have the latest Nokia device firmware.
It is our priority to update all variants as quickly as possible.

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