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22 July 2009

F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provider & RPL WRITE

There Is No Full And Perfect Way To Solve But This Can Help To Solve...
Info About Contact Retailer In BB5 & SP Area Damaged & RPL Write Phone.

Few Things You Have To See Before Repair.

1 Phone IMEI Is Damaged Or Not? F.E 123456789012345

2 Phone Sp Area Is Damaged Or Not? F.E Config key -FFFFFFFFFFFFFF & PROVIDER - unknown

CONFIG KEY: 0000000000000000
PROVIDER KEY: 0000000000000000
Provider: Unknown provider
Key Code count: 0, FBUS Code count: 0

ex 2
PROVIDER KEY: 0000000000000000
Provider: Unknown provider
Key Code count: 0, FBUS Code count: 0



3 Bb Self Test You Can Do With Service Option.
Security Test
Simlock Test

4 What Can We Do If IMEI Is Damaged?
A.Simple And Easy Way To Repair Is If You Don't Have Backup. Calculate Bb5 Ask 2 Rpl And Write It.
B.Free Way Is Downgrade Phone Then Check. If IMEI And Sp Area Still Damage Update Back And Use Ask 2 Rpl.

5 What If We Have Sp Area Damaged? (F.E Configkey –FFFFFFFFFFFFF & PROVIDER - unknown )
A. Simple And Easy Way Is If You Have Backup Of Pm 308(Eeprom In Hex 134) Restore It With Write Pm. Remove Phone Insert Battery And Plug Again And Test Phone.
B. If You Don't Have Backup Just Use Bb5 Ask 2 Rpl To Repair It.

6 What If I Have Backup Rpl And Not Have Pm Backup?
A. Backup Rpl Is For Certificate To Repair Or Restore. So In This You Can Restore IMEI Of Phone But You Can't Restore Sp Area.F.E Configkey –FFFFFFFFFFFFF & PROVIDER - unknown

7 What If I Have Backup Pm And Don't Have Rpl?
A. You Can Restore Or Repair Sp Area But U Can't Restore Or Repair Phone IMEI (Certificate) With Only Pm You Need Rpl Backup Or CALCULATED RPL ONLY WAY.

8 Can I Restore Rpl With Usb Cable?
A. No You Can't Write Rpl (Certificate) Via Usb Because Its Need Active Flash Mode.

9 What I Do After Rpl Write Still Contact Retailer?
A.Most Phone Need To Rewrite Pm Field [1] And [309] For Writing This Fields Pm File You Have To Do SX4 With Supported Tools Then Do Fast Do Not Restart Or Off Phone Before Writing Pm File.
B.Most Phone Can Repair With Downgrade And Write Rpl Then SX4 Write Pm To See If Same Then Update Back Then See If Solved Or Not.

10 How To Get This Pm Section?
A.Read Any Working Phone Pm 1 To 512.Save To Pc.Open It To Notepad And Remove Field - [308] From It Save Again...Now U Can Us It.
Note That If U Forget To Remove 308field From That Pm Before Writing U Get Damaged Sp Area Phone After Writing This Pm.
B.You Can Also Use Only Pm Field - [1] And Field - [309] Also.

11 Can I Use Any Firmware Pm To Any Firmware?
A. Some Phone Have Security Check For Rf Value.So Test If Not Work U Need Correct Version Pm.

12 What If Still Have Problem Contact Retailer?
A. Do Self Test And Check St Security Test Is Failed Or Not?If Yes Then Read Post Again.If No Then Read B And C
B. If Self Test Pass Then Do Factory Default And After That Do File System Format .
C. As I Think Its Possible From Hardware Also So Check Hardware Section For More Help.. As I Think From My Side [Retu Ic] Responsible.

D. bandlock data can make problem of contact service. so for example only you have 5310 contact have universal box read cert with it and check in it "CCC_DATA_x" and "HWC_DATA_x" this data hold bandlock as we found in POINT you must write bandlock data rpl for this model and test it.. AND IT MUST WORK...
here is success stories so all of readers can see where and what can be done if you don't understand by reading. this point.

Read Here

13 What If I Get Can't Decode At Rpl Write Or Corrupted?
A.Best Way To Solve Contact Rpl Supplier.There Is No reason To Give Answer About This Problem Because JAF Team Not Making Any Rpl By Them Self..

14 What Is SX4 ?
A. SX4 Is Card By Nokia Work With Fps10 Fps8 To Calculate RPLS And Give Authorization Password To Phone.

15 Why We Need SX4?
A. To Change/Rewrite In Pm(Eeprom) Sections Fields.
. SX4 Calc Password For Phone. Because Nokia Have Protected Pm(Eeprom)Field [1] And [309]
B If We Need To Rewrite This Filed We Need To Use SX4.

16 Why Some Phone Have Problem Rpl Write But Still Sp Area Damaged?
A. Simple Your Can See Your Phone IMEI Is Restored Or Not. If It Was Damaged. Then Rewrite Rpl And Test Phone With Battery.
If Its Not Damaged Then For Sending Sp Area We Need Local Mode Or Test Mode Because Phone Don't Accept Sp Area In Normal Mode.

17 What Is reason To Use Rpl?
A. Many reason To Use Rpl I Write Here.
[1]To Repair Config key = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2]To Repair Provider = Any Digit Or Number Or Show Unknowed
[3]To Repair Phone IMEI Damaged To 123456789012345.
[4]To Repair Contact Retailer Come Because Field[1] And Field [309]Damage And Corrupted
[5]To Repair Finished Counter Keypad Counter = 3/3 Fbus Counter = 10/10

18 How To Know That Rpl Come Is For Locked Phone Or Unlocked Phone?
A. There Is 2 Way..
[1]Just Write Rpl And See Lock Area
[2]Real One. Ask Any Nokia Access Owner To See Your Phone Warranty Before Process For Rpl. He Will Show This Type Of Info.
Serial Number:
35938*************** <------Your Phone IMEI. Warranty: No <--------Your Phone Warranty . Warranty Class: Standard 15 (Shipment + 15 Months) <--------- Warranty Time Product Type: Rm-78 <--------- Phone Nmp Code For Firmware Handset: 6280 <--------- Phone Model Name. Product Code: 052***x <--------- Product Code For Sales At Which Country. Start Of Warranty: 27-03-2006 End Of Warranty: 27-06-2007 Ship-To Country: Ae-United Arab Emirates <------- Sales Country This Phone Belong To This Country. Ship-To Customer#: Factory Simlock: N <---------------- This Is Most Important For Us. Its Show Factory Lock Status N = Not Locked Y = Yes Locked use this link to get ur warrenty info. HERE 19 How To Bring Phone To Local Mode Or Test Mode At Fbus Cable?. A. You Need To Do Modification At Cable Bsi Wire To Bsi Pin And Also Have To Do Modification At Bsi Pin To Gnd Pin. Modification Need Resistor Value 7.5k to 10k [test which is working for ur phone]For Bsi Pin To Bsi Wire Come From Rj45 Cable.68k Value For Bsi Pin To Gnd Pin At Service Cable. Note: I added image file to show more clear info. Please see this image file to understand more.also some phone have different place bsi line you can see at battery or service cable before applying this.

20 What Is Local Mode & Test Mode? How Many Modes In Bb5?
A. Here Is Info Please Look There.

21 Where To Get Working And Tested Modified Pm For BB5 Phone ?

22 How Many Way Exist To Unlock BB5 Till 12 March 2008?

A. words first & only at gsmhosting.
B. Update on this method as you all know when phone is damaged imei condition i give name "Bypass Security Mode".
We are able to write any pm we want Without any authorization. so main thing is how to bring phone in "Bypass Security Mode"? Answer is simple Just Damage IMEI and it will skip all check same time.
Now some newbie also asking how to damage IMEI? anyway all that non reading guys have answer here.
1. Backup CRT OR other words your phone certificate which have NPC bla bla other data. we need ONLY NPC DATA is main thing to backup all other is easy to recover without lost $$$ money i mean.
2. Write THIS (<---download link) RPL as Plan RPL. 3. Restart phone and try now to write pm or any other test you want to do. 4. MAIN THING RESTORE YOUR NPC BACKUP(your rpl backup) TO RESTORE ORIGINAL IMEI TO PHONE, IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS THEN PHONE WILL OFF IN 3 TO 30MIN. write modified pm solution was first in gsmhosting then all other forum and team copy it. idea by karwos and method by me. solution since 21st May 2008, 04:11 PM 24 what is bb5 rpl backup and calculated rpl? what are the difference? A. backup rpl is what we do with flashing tool. can backup your NPC, VARIANT AND OTHER Certificate in flash mode.. B. universal box read cert option can read both cert and sim lock data in same way.. that's really best way to do backup since jaf is not updating this part don't know why, but its really best for backup phones. no more pm need if you backup with universal box read cert.. C. calculated rpl come from nokia which we send public id. its have npc = imei, sp lock = sim lock area, sim lock key = calculated sim lock key for sending sim lock data, super lock dongle key = security by nokia to sending sim lock special key , some other certificate which help to make phone watch dog timer OFF. 25 How can i change bb5 phones band? or how can i change BB5 850/1900mhz to 900/1800mhz?? WORLD FIRST AND ONLY IN WORLD. ONLY AT GSMHOSTING. A. very simple method found today you just need to rewrite any working phone CCC DATA & HWC DATA.. for example ONLY FOR 5310B DO NOT TRY FOR OTHER PHONES SAME RPL. : you have 5310b phone you want it to work with 900/1800mhz write this rpl with jaf tick on plan rpl... now test phone must work with 900/1800mhz 100%.. tested and proved by user ".::NaNTeC::." BIG THANKS TO HIM FOR THIS DETAILS. and i made it for him. links for bandlock rpl

solution at this forum since "26th Dec 2008, 03:00 PM"

26 What is SL2 phones? why its not repair or restore sp are after restoring 308 pm backup?
A. SL2 phones are new security by nokia which use different simlock structure then normal slpl phones.
B. SL2 phones use 2 fields as secure simlock information. pm section 120 and pm section 308 to repair or restore to original status that phone you have to restore both section and all fields in it.
C. SL2 if you have pm section 308 backup only you can't restore your phone to original stat its show only contact service. at that case you need to restore pm section 120 or buy ask 2 rpl.
D. SL2 phones are supported in many tool this days so unlocking is possible without any problem.
E. There is SL3 phones special simlock structure which is unknown and still not possible to hack or crack so no way to unlock accept via imei and provider codes.

That's All.
As I Think This Is Perfect Information And May Help All.

Nokia N97 RM-505 Product Code Listing

Here are Product Code for Nokia N97 RM-505 you can used with NSU to change your language. To change product code used Nemesis Service Suite. Get it from here DOWNLOAD or from here

0587243: N97 Belgium CV B
0587244: N97 Belgium CV W
0584966: N97 Croatia CV B
0587242: N97 Croatia CV W
0587729: N97 E-Plus DE W
0585951: N97 France CV B
0588183: N97 France CV W
0586701: N97 Germany (DE) CV B
0586702: N97 Germany (DE) CV W

0585872: N97 H3G AT B
0585897: N97 H3G DK B
0585892: N97 H3G DK W
0585893: N97 H3G SE B
0585896: N97 H3G SE W
0586302: N97 HK CV B
0586303: N97 HK CV W
0587487: N97 India CV B
0587487: N97 India CV B
0587488: N97 India CV W
0587488: N97 India CV W
0586299: N97 Indonesia CV B
0586299: N97 Indonesia CV B
0587027: N97 Indonesia CV W
0587027: N97 Indonesia CV W
0586199: N97 Malaysia CV B
0586199: N97 Malaysia CV B
0586297: N97 Malaysia CV W
0586297: N97 Malaysia CV W
0587375: N97 Mobilkom AT B
0587245: N97 Netherlands (NL) CV B
0587246: N97 Netherlands (NL) CV W
0586782: N97 O2 CZ B
0585167: N97 Optus AU B
0585167: N97 Optus AU B
0589148: N97 Optus AU W
0589148: N97 Optus AU W
0587239: N97 Portugal (PT) CV B
0586703: N97 Russia CV B
0586704: N97 Russia CV W
0586300: N97 Singapore CV B
0586300: N97 Singapore CV B
0586301: N97 Singapore CV W
0586301: N97 Singapore CV W
0587025: N97 Singtel SG B V1
0587026: N97 Singtel SG W V1
0586577: N97 Spain (ES) CV B V2
0588301: N97 Sweden (SE) CV B
0588336: N97 Sweden (SE) CV W
0585729: N97 Swisscom CH B
0589616: N97 Swisscom CH W
0585718: N97 Switzerland (CH) CV B
0587861: N97 Switzerland (CH) CV W
0586019: N97 Telenor Serbia B
0588063: N97 TeliaSonera SE B
0586298: N97 Thailand CV B
0586298: N97 Thailand CV B
0587497: N97 Thailand CV W
0587497: N97 Thailand CV W
0589630: N97 Turkcell TR B
0590202: N97 Turkcell TR W
0585162: N97 UK CV B V2
0587240: N97 UK CV W V2
0587004: N97 VF DE B
0586776: N97 VF ES W
0587306: N97 VF Simobil B
0589585: N97 VF Simobil W
0585262: N97 VF UK B
0588469: N97 VF UK W
0587374: N97 VF Vipnet B
0589610: N97 VF Vipnet W
0586296: N97 Vietnam CV B
0586296: N97 Vietnam CV B
0587991: N97 Vietnam CV W
0587991: N97 Vietnam CV W
0576124: RM-505_APAC_AUSTRALIA Black
0576208: RM-505_APAC_AUSTRALIA White
0576129: RM-505_APAC_Bangladesh Black
0576211: RM-505_APAC_Bangladesh White
0576120: RM-505_APAC_CAMBODIA Black
0576132: RM-505_APAC_CAMBODIA White
0576128: RM-505_APAC_EMERGING ASIA Black
0576210: RM-505_APAC_EMERGING ASIA White
0575297: RM-505_APAC_HONG KONG black
0575841: RM-505_APAC_HONG KONG white
0575724: RM-505_APAC_INDIA Black
0576213: RM-505_APAC_INDIA White
0576121: RM-505_APAC_INDONESIA Black
0576133: RM-505_APAC_INDONESIA White
0576119: RM-505_APAC_MALAYSIA Black
0576131: RM-505_APAC_MALAYSIA White
0576126: RM-505_APAC_NEW ZEALAND Black
0576209: RM-505_APAC_NEW ZEALAND White
0576123: RM-505_APAC_PHILIPPINES Black
0576207: RM-505_APAC_PHILIPPINES White
0575722: RM-505_APAC_SINGAPORE Black
0576130: RM-505_APAC_SINGAPORE White
0575266: RM-505_APAC_TAIWAN black
0575829: RM-505_APAC_TAIWAN white
0575728: RM-505_APAC_THAILAND Black
0576135: RM-505_APAC_THAILAND White
0576122: RM-505_APAC_VIETNAM Black
0576212: RM-505_APAC_VIETNAM White
0576356: RM-505_EMEA_ALPS_QW Black
0576435: RM-505_EMEA_ALPS_QW White
0576364: RM-505_EMEA_BALKANS_QW Black
0576462: RM-505_EMEA_BALKANS_QW White
0576411: RM-505_EMEA_Baltian_QW Black
0576488: RM-505_EMEA_Baltian_QW White
0585556: RM-505_EMEA_Belarus_QW Black
0585574: RM-505_EMEA_Belarus_QW White
0576351: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_FR_QW Black
0576420: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_FR_QW White
0579050: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_NL_QW Black
0579054: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_NL_QW White
0579051: RM-505_EMEA_BULGARIA_QW Black
0579055: RM-505_EMEA_BULGARIA_QW White
0576410: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW Black
0576487: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW White
0581899: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW_2 Black
0581901: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW_2 White
0576366: RM-505_EMEA_CZECH_QW Black
0576468: RM-505_EMEA_CZECH_QW White
0576412: RM-505_EMEA_Estonian_QW Black
0576489: RM-505_EMEA_Estonian_QW White
0570817: RM-505_EMEA_EURO_QW1 Black
0576350: RM-505_EMEA_EURO_QW1 White
0574380: RM-505_EMEA_FRANCE_QW Black
0576423: RM-505_EMEA_FRANCE_QW White
0576355: RM-505_EMEA_GERMAN_QW Black
0576430: RM-505_EMEA_GERMAN_QW White
0576375: RM-505_EMEA_GREECE_QW Black
0576474: RM-505_EMEA_GREECE_QW White
0576377: RM-505_EMEA_HUNGARY_QW Black
0576480: RM-505_EMEA_HUNGARY_QW White
0576413: RM-505_EMEA_ISRAEL_QW Black
0576490: RM-505_EMEA_ISRAEL_QW White
0576358: RM-505_EMEA_ITALY_QW Black
0576459: RM-505_EMEA_ITALY_QW White
0579053: RM-505_EMEA_MALTA_QW Black
0579056: RM-505_EMEA_MALTA_QW White
0576406: RM-505_EMEA_MOLDOVA_QW Black
0576486: RM-505_EMEA_MOLDOVA_QW White
0576368: RM-505_EMEA_POLAND_QW Black
0576472: RM-505_EMEA_POLAND_QW White
0576363: RM-505_EMEA_PORTUGAL_QW Black
0576461: RM-505_EMEA_PORTUGAL_QW White
0576402: RM-505_EMEA_ROMANIA_QW Black
0576481: RM-505_EMEA_ROMANIA_QW White
0576403: RM-505_EMEA_RUSSIA_QW Black
0576484: RM-505_EMEA_RUSSIA_QW White
0576352: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW1 Black
0576425: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW1 White
0576353: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW2 Black
0576428: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW2 White
0576365: RM-505_EMEA_SERBIA_QW Black
0576467: RM-505_EMEA_SERBIA_QW White
0576367: RM-505_EMEA_SLOVAKIA_QW Black
0576470: RM-505_EMEA_SLOVAKIA_QW White
0576360: RM-505_EMEA_SPAIN_QW Black
0576460: RM-505_EMEA_SPAIN_QW White
0580747: RM-505_EMEA_Swiss_QW Black
0580748: RM-505_EMEA_Swiss_QW White
0576357: RM-505_EMEA_TURKEY_QW Black
0576458: RM-505_EMEA_TURKEY_QW White
0576405: RM-505_EMEA_UKRAINE_QW Black
0576485: RM-505_EMEA_UKRAINE_QW White
0576554: RM-505_MENA_ALGERIA black
0576573: RM-505_MENA_ALGERIA white
0575743: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 1 black
0576558: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 1 white
0576503: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 2 black
0576569: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 2 white
0576504: RM-505_MENA_EMBARGO NON GPS black
0576570: RM-505_MENA_EMBARGO NON GPS white
0576556: RM-505_MENA_FARSI black
0576575: RM-505_MENA_FARSI white
0588366: RM-505_MENA_Iran Black
0588367: RM-505_MENA_Iran White
0576500: RM-505_MENA_KSA black
0576567: RM-505_MENA_KSA white
0576502: RM-505_MENA_LEVANT black
0576568: RM-505_MENA_LEVANT white
0576555: RM-505_MENA_MEA B black
0576574: RM-505_MENA_MEA B white
0576553: RM-505_MENA_NORTH AFRICA black
0576572: RM-505_MENA_NORTH AFRICA white
0576562: RM-505_MENA_SSA FRENCH Black
0576578: RM-505_MENA_SSA FRENCH White
0576560: RM-505_MENA_SSA Multi Black
0576566: RM-505_MENA_SSA Multi White
0576561: RM-505_MENA_SSA PT Black
0576577: RM-505_MENA_SSA PT White
0576559: RM-505_MENA_SSA1 Black
0576565: RM-505_MENA_SSA1 White
0576563: RM-505_MENA_SSA10 Black
0576579: RM-505_MENA_SSA10 White
0576564: RM-505_MENA_SSA11 Black
0576580: RM-505_MENA_SSA11 White
0587796: RM-505_MENA_Syria Black
0587797: RM-505_MENA_Syria White
0575744: RM-505_MENA_UAE black
0576576: RM-505_MENA_UAE white
0580749: RM-505_MENA_Venezuela black
0580750: RM-505_MENA_Venezuela white
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