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05 April 2008

How to delete themes that aren't in the app manager (Nokia N95)

Here is how to delete themes that aren't in the app manager

You need to hook up your N95 to your PC via the USB and access the data transfer mode,and you need to make sure your file explorer can view hidden folders.
You'll find the theme filesin a folder named 'Private',in this folder are lots of other folders.Go to the folder named '10207114' and then eneter the folder inside called 'Import'
In here are all the themes on your sd card.
You have to open every folder and then look in the skn folder to find the name of the theme as the folders are named by numbers and not the theme itself,if the PC doesn't allow you to open the file then choose to open it with Notepad,then scroll across until you see the name of the theme and usually it'll say the creators name too.
Once you know it's the theme you want to delete then you have to delete the whole folder including including the mbm,mif,ini and skn folders.
Job done


Anonymous said...

waaahahah lixdo.. pakai template adsense jugaarrk kaa?? wekekek!!

Taufik said...

menarik, tertarik :)

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