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27 June 2008

DIY Unlock Samsung D900i/E250i

This will also bring the phone to default settings
1. First do a CUSTOM reset: *2767*2878#
turn off the phone
2. take out the battery and sim and put wrong network SIM and insert only a half of it,
Very important so it won't ask for network password and shows "Insert SIM" message.(possibly in a different language)
Now put the battery ,and switch the phone on .(phone shows "Insert SIM" message.)
3.push the sim fully in at this stage the phone is still asking to "Insert SIM"
4. Make a FULL reset: *2767*3855#
5. The phone should reboot working with "wrong" sim inside.
6. Make a Change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#
7. Now Disable network lock By typing: #7465625*638*00000000#
Phone is unlocked

Just thought this may be useful for someone,

*Tested by me is successful


Reverse Phone Directory said...

what you think about some website which charge for 5 bucks for unlocking ? You jut saved my 5 bucks.

din said...

:) We share our knowledge here. :)

Addicted To Bags said...

I needed to unlock this samsung mobile. Thanks for posting here.

Anonymous said...

my grandaughter and i tried so many solutions on the internet and we were down to, as the phone put it 2 more tries , your answer did it first go many thanks you saved me 15 pounds:]

Anonymous said...

squall-018 here, so thank you for sharing the secret for unlocking my samsung e250i! Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

I tried this process on a 250i which is locked on the T-mobile network. Unfortunately the process did not unlock the phone.
Do you know of another way?

krish said...

This is nice article. I also found a new website to unlock all mobiles from mobile unlock solutions at avery low cost.

orbitaladm said...

unfortunately this does not work tested by the sixth step.
to get the code says the sixth step the entries do not give

lixdo said...


step 5 must success before you can do step 6

jk said...

above article was nice,..
i like this instrument.bcoz i have the same..
last week my mobile got locked..finaly i got
instruction from a company then i did it...

orbitaladm said...

lixdo said...
July 18, 2009 1:36 PM


step 5 must success before you can do step 6

gave everything right up to step five. I'm with the card of another operator on the phone.did everything up to step six.but to get the code from step six.says:
the entries do not give.
I'm Portuguese if you do not understand very well said.

best regards

OOMEJ said...

Step 5 dont work the fone say password dont match

shannon said...

nice one dude :D tnx a lot

Anonymous said...

on my samsung e250i from spain on vodafone network don work step 6! what i must do? say wrong password or something like that!

Anonymous said...


Iam clark from Manila Philippines thanks alot for the code "IT REALLY WORKS". Amazing how internet blogging can do, you save me some money dude thanks again.

jimmy disoza said...

This is nice article. I also found a new website to unlock all coques iphone 4

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