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21 July 2008

How To Unlock a Sony Ericsson Phone by Cruiser !!!

# Remove and ReAttach Battery from phone
# Start Cruiser
# Click On USB

#Click on "Attach Phone"

# Click on "Security RSA"
# Then "Unlock RSA"

#Look on what Cruiser asks to do...

#Then go on FLASH - Flash ARM - and Select SW File

#Now Click on Write RAW FS and select fs file

#Now go on "Locks" - Direct Unlock

#Now return on "Flash" - Customize FS

#Now click on Turn Off Phone

* Unlock Done - Great Work BOSS :D !

author: dengel


mask said...

what about flashing a p990i, using cruiser and/or setool, while in setool, i dont saw any p990i in drop down box, n give the link for cruiser too. thnx

jk said...

last week i found a site where unlock
instructions avail, so here anybody can reach for further assistance

priyass said...

ok..It can also be done by unlocking code..I unlocked my nokia using the code..I got the unlocking code from provides the unlocking service for mobiles..

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