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06 September 2008

LG KE970 Test Mode Or Engineer Mode

I just found interesting infomation for  LG KE970 Mobile Phone also maybe this infomation can be used for all LG Mobile Phone.

Engineering mode is designed to allow a service man/engineer to view and test the basic functions provided
by a handset. The key sequence for switching the engineering mode on is “2945#*#” Select. Pressing END
will switch back to non-engineering mode operation. Use Up and Down key to select a menu and press
‘select’ key to progress the test. Pressing back key will switch back to the original test menu.

Try this code on your LG Mobile Phone and put  a comment for successful or unsuccessful LG Mobile Phone model you have try.


nivetha said...

Thanks for the code.I applied it in my mobile.its working good.I got the unlocking informations for my monbile from the site mobileunlockguide
Like that U give the very useful information.

nazar said...

I try code.Its successful to me.I search for the unlockcode for this phone in the site unlockfreewhich contains the unlocking service for the mobiles.I did not found.Where can i get?

MrWesley said...

the code works.. but is there a code that you can use for the audio, making it louder or something

(sorry for my crappy englisch, i'm Dutch)

nintendo ds r4 card said...

The LG Shine KE970 cell phone is certainly attractive. It also has decent call quality and a great camera.

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