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29 March 2009

Free Unlock BB5 & BB5+ Phone

Good news again.. now you can free unlock BB5 and BB5+ phone for free, just used your HWK or JAF box to unlock it. It also can fix corrupted SL zone.

I have test this software and it work nice..

Follow link below to download



Blackberry said...

The Sim card which we use and in which our personal numbers shows it play major role during call.

Anonymous said...

where's the link

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information about the unlock mobiles.I unlock my nokia phone using the codes and instructions in the site unlocking4u.But from this article I know about the free unlock bb5.I hope this article is useful to all.

Blackberry Unlocking said...

Everywhere I look I keep finding new ways to unlock blackberries but very few of them work. Does this?

kanna84 said...

Hello, Just read out your mail, Thank you so much for the unlocking information. Also i used to unlock my mobile as safer side. just get this site they will clear your problem@ low Costs

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