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04 September 2010

Flash N900 Chinese Language


The Traditional Chinese package consists of two parts - English and Traditional Chinese input method interface.

Traditional Chinese language interface is himself under theMainland netizens "cold Greek" and of you friends of the collective creation, and Nokia has been launched in China licensed N810 Simplified Chinese language interface file conversion is made. In addition to some internal code conversion, I would follow the usual translation of Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao to replace some of the terms to meet the Traditional Chinese users habits. The project is still experimental, some of the wording may be due for renewal, your attention and respect.

Traditional Chinese input method is for the mainland N900 users FirstFan optimized version produced by SCIM input method - MSCIM input method, and in particular traditional area contains several commonly used input methods - including all kinds of Cangjie, easy / quick, Guangdong / Cantonese Pinyin , phonetic notation, the ranks of major trade and so on.

The Traditional Chinese package has been the Lazyfai packaging and release, hereby thanks!

☆ ★ 2010-1-26: new"Ovi map of Traditional Chinese Culture"section, and updated installation method and the Cultural Interface Screenshot, Jing Xi attention!
☆ ★ 2010-1-15: Added"update the system software / firmware problems after and solutions"section, your attention and respect!

Download and Installation

Join development software library(Development Repository)

Warning: This software library software is still experimental, only for Maemo 5 version of the operating system.I am a result from the use of this software system or hardware is not responsible for any losses.

Be your own experiment to measure the risk.

Step 1: According to the most upper left corner of the "shade" icon until this page to the main program screen.Press More ...icon.

Step 2: According to App manager icon.

Step 3: Click on the above Application manager word.

Step 4: Click Application catalogues button.

Step 5: Click New button.

Step 6: fill in the following information:
CATALOGUE name: Maemo Extras-devel
Web address:
Distribution: Fremantle
Components: free non-free
Disabled boxnot checked

Then press the Save button.

Search and install Traditional Chinese Package

Step 7: Back to the random location by a blank screen, press Download.

Step 8: Hold on a minute later, you will see the software category of the screen.Then click Application manager word.

Step 9: Click the Search button.

Step 10: enter the Maemo 5 Chinese and click the Search button to search.

Step 11: Find the download capacity with 10-13 MB of Traditional Chinese language pack for Maemo 5, click on it.

Step 12: You can click the Details button to view the details of this traditional Chinese package.

Click the Summary tab to see the Traditional Chinese general information packet. Here again thank lazyfai efforts!

Click Installing can see this package will be installed Traditional Chinese components
Including the picture of the Traditional Chinese language filesproduced by the Mainland netizens FirstFan MSCIM input method, and the locales kits.

Click on a blank location, check I understand and agree,
And click the Continue button to start the download and installation process.

After installation,please shut down and re-boot.

Selected device language,
Step 13:according to the most upper left corner of the "shade" icon until this page to the main program screen.Click the Settings icon.

Step 14: At this point you can see more Personalization under a MSCIM Input Method,
This means that MSCIM input method has been successfully installed. To use Traditional Chinese interface, click on Language & region.

Step 15: Point, click Device language button.

Step 16: Scroll to the bottom of the screen, we will see three Chinese options. Please click Chinese (HongKong) .
Note: This package is for Traditional Chinese users in Hong Kong production, does not include Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in Taiwan specialized content.
So click Chinese (PRC) or Chinese (Taiwan) will make your system it displays key instead of Chinese language interface
Please note.

Step 17: The system will prompt you to reboot. Press Yes button to restart.

Set Chinese input method

Step 18: After restarting, you will see the Traditional Chinese language interface. Click on Control Panel icon.

Step 19: Click MSCIM Input Method / MSCIM input settings of a.

Step 20: the default input method will be clicking all. If you just want to use your preferred input method (scroll the screen will have more input options),
Please uncheck the corresponding other input methods. Press Save button to confirm your choice.

Step 21: The system will prompt you to reboot. After the reboot the machine off,

After the system you can enter text in any required position,press the Ctrl and space bar to start the input method.

Detailed application demonstration, please refer to"Da Da impressionistic space"to share relevant articles.

Known Issues
  • As MSCIM input method will replace the existing system input method, install the Traditional Chinese package,
    System, the original virtual keyboard functions, including key and press the ↗ special symbols called Sym key selection function will be disabled.

    If the special symbol input needs, we can consider usingthe web version of Romantic production inputin the virtual keyboard
    Then copy and Paste the symbol through the paste to the location you need to enter.

    In addition, you can root as in the SSH or X Terminal Terminal run the following command,
    Let your X Terminal Terminal program provides several command interface commonly used symbols (~,|,> and <):

    gconftool-2-s / apps / osso / xterm / key_labels-t list - list-type = string "[Tab, Esc, Up, Dn ,~,|,>,<]"

    gconftool-2-s / apps / osso / xterm / keys-t list - list-type = string "[Tab, Escape, Page_Up, Page_Down, asciitilde, bar, greater, less]"

  • Input in the browser, there will be input focus error situation.
  • In the message dialog box, press the Enter key will enter the message box has been issued
    Only the English characters are being sent to the input dialog box, so you may need to switch the input method to input Chinese and Englis.


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