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10 May 2008

HTC P3450 Direct Sim Unlocking

Enjoy Free Unlimited Unlocking HTC TOUCH P3450..

No need to pay anymore..Remember it is freee......

Click Read More for full details

1. Connect your Phone and establish Activesync Connection.
2. Install '' and '' on your device.( Copy them to your devide and run).
3. Run 'Touch_Unlock.exe'.
4. Open the file 'Unlock_result.exe' generated upon execution with Hex Editor.
5. The eight-character code beside the IMEI number in the file is your Unlock code.

Enjoy !!

Download Here


iEn said...

nape? bz wat anak lg ke? kekeeke

Vengadachalam T said...

Super awesome if u want ur HTC mobile to unlocked means u can use the site for the HTC Mobile unlocking codes+unlocking instructions.

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